Digital But With A Twist

Read more about our story over the last 24 months. From our inception to our failures, find out how we managed to get where we did.

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What We Do



Our experts with over 6 years worth of digital experience will not just assist you on the promotion front, but will also help create a strong product strategy for you and identify key elements of your competitor’s success and help you identify a path to work around them.

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Online Advertising

Advertising on digital mediums is the most dominant aspect of the online landscape at the moment and our team of experts will help you in bringing relevant traffic and more customers in the process.

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Branding & Designing

Our design team with over 15+ years of combined experience will help your business establish a strong design identity. From your marketing collaterals to packaging designs, our team can help bring your ideas to life!

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Super Fast Execution

The reason our company has been able to achieve so much success in such a short span of 36 months has been given our approach to execute things on time than delaying marketing activities. We take over all aspects of your promotion so you can sit back and watch things get into motion super fast.

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Pre-Research Process

– Competition Analysis
– Website Performance Tests
– Past Campaign Performance Check
– Product & Pricing Tweaks


Content & Design Strategy

– A/B Testing
– Clear Communication On Core USPs
– Simpler, Cleaner Design Approach
– Broad Scale Tests


3 Month Timeline

– Targets/Goal Setting For 90 Days
– Advertising Channel Testing
– Budget Scaling On Proven Channels
– Constant Search For More Channels


Post 90 Day Period

– Redefined Goals For Next 9 Months
– Revised Strategy Based On Results Of 90 Days
– Core product Strategy Finalization
– Pricing & Similar Tweaks If Needed

Our Approach

What we do isn\'t rocket science but it isn\'t that easy too. The important thing about marketing is that it is entirely a hit and trial process and no team has an answer to all questions. The success rate of our team doesn\'t lie in how many successful campaigns we deliver but in how few failures we\'ve had over the years. That\'s how we define success at Engima.

People Who Trust Us


This bunch of people is a strong digital unit who not only have a great design team but a very strong strategy unit also who can always advise us on product level adjustments.

Mr. Aditya, Richi Rich Advisors

Their SEO efforts have definitely helped improve our search traffic drastically. Also, quite happy with the new design they have implemented on our website. Kudos to the team!

Mr. Prashant, Echelon

Working with the Enigma team has been an absolute pleasure for us. For us non-techies, having their team was the perfect fit to help us establish a strong digital presence.

Mr. Piyush, Desi Motifs

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